Chicken coop designs - Style vs Comfort!

When you made the decision to start raising chickens you probably thought you were going to get stuck with some basic wooden-wire combination chicken coop. Most of us have only seen the barebones version of a chicken house that is meant more for utility than style and comfort, but the truth is that there are plenty chicken coop designs that can meet both criteria. It is completely possible to have a chicken coop that meshes with your home and landscape yet meets the needs of raising your chickens.

The trick is to figure out what you need so when you begin to look for chicken coop design guides, you can pick whatever catches your eye.


One of the major factors that will determine the chicken coop designs available to you is the size of the coop. How many chickens will you raise? What is your purpose for raising chickens? Will they be free range? These are just a few of the questions you must answer before you settle on a design.

There are chicken coop plans available for one and two-level structures, multiple runs and nesting boxes. Small designs are typically just one level, but you can decide for medium and large chicken coops whether you want a lot of wide open space or multiple levels so your hens can nest up high as they prefer.

Chicken Coop Styles

Today’s chicken coops are made up of much more than chicken wire and repurposed wood, although those are the main ingredients. You can get a coop plan that is just a miniature version of your home, of course with minor adjustments for chicken comfort. But you can also choose from styles that include log cabins, playhouses, barns, tractors and even greenhouses.

There are a number of chicken coop plans for mobile hen houses as well as stationary coops. If you need plenty of space for your chicken farm or you’re raising them in an urban setting, you will be able to find a design plan to help you get it set up.

Urban Coop Designs

Since there has been a surge in interest for urban chicken coop designs it is important that you consider a few factors. The first is that while there are still many different designs, you may be limited in terms of shape. The reason for this is that if you don’t have a medium to large backyard your coop design will be long rather than tall. Many of the urban coop designs spread out for room because they cannot spread up.


Although wood is the most widely used materials for chicken coop designs you may choose one that is made of metal or hard plastic as well. Different chicken coops that are for sale come in a variety of materials, but you will need to consider what is best for your chickens and your property.

The simplest chicken coop design is made up of a wooden frame and most of the walls are chicken wire. This is quick, simple and inexpensive but it also can put your chickens at risk of predators roaming the night in search of a snack. There will always be some chicken wire on your coop but you want to make sure the spaces aren’t large enough for any critter to squeeze through and require you to have to start your chicken farm from scratch.

There should be enough wire to allow air to flow through the coop but not so much that they can’t be protected. The other factor to consider is a sturdy lock beyond your basic flip latch. You need something that is strong enough that a crafty raccoon can’t crack your security system.

The chicken coop design you choose should take these factors into consideration, as well as many others.

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