Deck designs

You have already decided that you want to build a deck in your backyard, but you haven’t decided if you will embark on a do it yourself project or hire a contractor to get the job done. Whatever you decide, you will have to decide what style of deck you prefer. There are hundreds of deck designs from which you can choose, but that can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin.

The first thing you’ll want to think about is whether the deck design you want fits with the style or theme of your home. Building a coastal deck on a cabin house, for example, may look disjointed and out of place.

The good news is that you can find sources like Joe’s Deck Plans to help you determine the deck style that fits your needs. You can choose from thousands of deck plans in a variety of styles to help you decide what your new backyard landscape will be. I suggest to read my review here to learn bit more about Joe’s services and products before you jump in since I was able to find few cons, that you might want to consider.

Your Style

Do you tend to gravitate toward a sleek modern design that has very little clutter and clean lines? Or are you more of a laid back type with a stunning view? It is important that you think of these things because they will help you choose a design that will fit your home, your style and your needs.

Typically deck designs fall into a few generic categories; coastal, mountain, contemporary, colonial and traditional. Within each of those categories you will find dozens if not hundreds of different designs. If you want an architectural masterpiece you may want the symmetrical design and flower boxes of the colonial style. The best way to decide is to simply start picking out what you like; it will give you a pretty good clue about your style.

Deck Purpose

Another factor that will make your deck choice easier is if you know why you want or need a deck. Do you just want a nice place to enjoy a warm summer day or bask in a breathtaking mountain or coastal view? The purpose of the deck will help you narrow down the choices within a particular category and style.

Do you need an elevated deck plan because your property is on an incline or do you want the pool to be the star attraction in your backyard? Each of these factors will help you narrow down the type of deck plans you choose so you can really work on finding the best deck design for you.


Even though ‘wood’ is the first material most people think of when they think of decks, there are other choices from which you can choose. In fact if you have decided that you want to use composites or PVC rather than your basic wood or even aluminum that may narrow down your choices for you.

This does not mean you will be limited in your design choices if you use a particular material, but it may help you figure out what designs will work best with those materials.

Skill Level

If you choose to build your own deck then you need to keep your own skill as a builder in mind. While you might be eyeing a large scale, fancy colonial style deck…you must ask if you can actually build such a complex deck.

The good news is that there are deck plans out there for every skill level from beginner to experienced builder. If you choose a service like Joe’s Deck Plans you can find easy to follow deck plans that will allow you to build an incredible deck within your skill level.


Do you have your heart set on soft lighting, planter boxes, old fashioned benches or an intricate railing? If so you can narrow your search parameters by these additions. There are tons of deck designs that highlight certain features and if you want these embellishments you will be able to find a design to fit your desires.

Keep in mind however that additions such as these can be added to just about any deck plan. The hard part will be finding the right accessories to accommodate the deck style you have selected. While you can choose conflicting styles you probably don’t want to create an eyesore after you’ve poured hours of hard work and sweat into building your deck.

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