Required Tools For Deck Laying

If you have ever helped a buddy build his or her deck then you know that while deck laying is a fairly simple task, it can quickly go wrong. As simple as it is the process of laying decking boards is about focus and precision; without those traits a deck can end up crooked, oddly spaced and scarred. The key to this focus and precision lies in the tools essential to this task.

If you are a new deck builder or wood worker then you may not yet have all of the tools required for deck laying. That’s okay; it will take some time and plenty of money to build up your arsenal of tools. The good news is that many big name home improvement stores offer rentals on power tools so you can get the tools you need to get the job done until you can afford to hang your own power tools in the garage.

Before you start thinking you’ll never be able to afford deck laying tools consider this; these tools are multi-faceted so you can use them not only for future repairs but also for future projects like fences, benches or stairs.

Power Tools

You will need a chop saw to cut the boards to length at the end of the beam. If you are not yet ready to use a chop saw you can get it done at any hardware or home improvement store. But having a saw handy will make deck laying and other wood projects much easier.


A spacer is a very important tool for deck laying but it isn’t actually a tool! Well it is a tool but you can’t really purchase it anywhere. Some builders use a screw while others create it from plywood or a lightweight wood placard. Make sure what you use is sturdy because you want the spaces large enough look appealing but not so large that debris gets stuck between the slats.


Specifically you will need galvanized screws for deck laying. These screws should be long enough so the board doesn’t wiggle around and fit snugly enough to slide into the joist below. Make sure you get more screws than you need because you will need at least 2 for each plank of wood, maybe more.

Measuring Tape

You can’t really perform any type of deck laying or deck building without a measuring tape. To lay the deck boards you will have to measure each plank of wood and cut them down so they are uniform in length over the beams. Make sure you use a measuring tape meant for construction work because the loose ones will fly away when the wind is too rough.

The right set of deck plans will let you know exactly what the required tools for deck laying are before you even begin. This type of guidance will ensure you don’t have to stop in the middle of deck laying to make a run to your local hardware store.

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