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16x24 shed plan

16x24 Shed Plan

16x20 shed plan

16x20 Shed Plan

12x20 shed plan

12x20 Shed Plan

10x20 shed plan

10x20 Shed Plan

12x16 shed plan with double door

12x16 Shed Plan

(Double Door)

12x16 shed plan

12x16 Shed Plan

10x16 shed plan

10x16 Shed Plan

10x14 shed plan

10x14 Shed Plan

12x12 shed plan

12x12 Shed Plan

12x10 shed plan

12x10 Shed Plan

8x12 shed plan

8x12 Shed Plan

10x10 shed plan

10x10 Shed Plan

10x8 shed plan

10x8 Shed Plan

8x8 shed plan

8x8 Shed Plan

8x6 shed plan

8x6 Shed Plan

6x4 shed plan

6x4 Shed Plan

So many of us are finding that our families have outgrown our homes at a time when it’s increasingly difficult to fund an upgrade. If your home feels a little cramped or you have had to convert some of your rooms into things you wouldn’t normally have liked to, it’s time to consider storage sheds – an excellent way of increasing storage, without breaking the bank.

Whether you are looking to improve your quality of living with extra outdoor storage or you wish to create a more relaxing backyard environment, storage sheds can help.

So long as you have ample outdoor space, a storage shed could be your ticket to less clutter and greater freedom. Storage sheds are readily available at a variety of home improvement and gardening centers. They’re a great option because they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles; small storage sheds for basic tool storage; two-story sheds for office or working space; and free-standing storage sheds for additional vehicle cover. The fact is that storage sheds come in a variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes, and they can serve a wide variety of purposes. They’re also cost-effective, durable and safe.

We have put together a handy storage shed guide for you below which covers everything you need to know about storage sheds. So without further ado, let’s begin with materials:

Plastic Storage Sheds

Vinyl Storage Sheds

Plastic storage sheds (also referred to as resin or vinyl storage sheds) are great for those who do not already own a significant amount of tools to build a wooden shed, or want something more hardy than a metal shed. Plastic sheds are easy to erect and require few tools, making them ideal for the inexperienced builder or those without power tools. The biggest draw of the plastic storage shed is that it’s low-maintenance and exceptionally durable. The downside to plastic storage sheds is that they do not look as good as wooden sheds, and they’re not as customizable in the long-term.

  • Strong and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Not as stylish or desirable as wooden sheds

Metal Storage Sheds

metal storage sheds

Metal storage sheds are about as easy to erect as plastic storage sheds which makes them the ideal choice if you lack building experience. Metal storage sheds are also a great choice if you simply need space for tools. However, they aren’t quite as strong as wood or plastic, particularly if you reside in an area often hit by powerful storms. Another thing to keep in mind is that metal sheds rarely have a floor, so you’ll need to be extra careful when deciding where to place it in your garden. Metal requires a little more maintenance than plastic, and it isn’t comparable to plastic for all-round weather protection.

  • Strong, but not as strong as wood and plastic
  • Ideal for tools, but not completely weather proof
  • Easy to maintain (a simple annual paint job will keep it looking fresh)
  • Easy to dissemble and transport

Wooden Storage Sheds

wooden storage sheds

Wood is a more popular material than plastic and metal among builders because it looks fantastic and it’s strong and durable. It’s also malleable and customizable. Wooden storage sheds can be painted to match the home or any other color that strikes your fancy. In addition to color though, it is quite simple to add accessories to wooden storage sheds such as shelves, window boxes, cabinets and cupolas. The only downside to wood is that you will need to deal with maintenance issues, such as splinters and soggy wood. The good news is that a well-maintained wooden shed will last for years and years.

  • Stylish and garden friendly
  • Malleable and customizable
  • Weather-proof, strong and durable
  • More expensive than plastic and metal

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Sheds

How do you know if you have enough stuff to even consider the time, money and effort required to build an outdoor shed? Honestly you never really know because accumulating stuff we don’t need is a uniquely human trait, but your initial storage purpose will help you decide if you need an indoor shed or an outdoor one.

If you don’t require a lot of storage space you may be able to get away with indoor storage sheds, which come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to fit conveniently inside your home. Indoor sheds are used to store everything from cleaning products to linens and even canned goods. If your home does not have enough built-in storage space, then an indoor shed may be the perfect alternative.

Those of you needing to store bigger items such as lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs and garden soil will likely opt for an outdoor shed. Outdoor storage units come in many different sizes and allow you to store large or dirty items that would normally take up precious garage space. Plus, you can put your outdoor shed anywhere on your property, and as discussed they are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your every need.

When deciding on the right shed, you should first determine how much storage space you actually need. You will likely have to approximate this size, so add a few feet on all sides just to be careful. This will help you to figure out if you need an indoor or outdoor shed – but remember to take into the account the height of your shed, which is often overlooked.

Once you have made your decision it is time to determine what type of material you will need. Outdoor sheds are available in plastic, metal and wood. Indoor storage units are most usually made from plastic as they’re easy to clean, but metal indoor storage sheds are not uncommon. Your choice will depend on your preferences as well as where it will be located.

Storage Shed Kits

storage shed kit

Buying a storage shed is less time consuming than building one, but it does still require a bit of legwork. After you have figured out how large (or small) you require your storage shed to be, you should start looking around for the perfect shed kit. There are many factors to consider when choosing a shed kit, such as price, size, materials and durability.

There are many places you can go in search of the right storage shed kit, whether you reside in the United States or the United Kingdom. I recommend shopping online first, to find some storage sheds that you like the look of and to compare the appearance of plastic, metal and wood. Amazon is a decent starting point because of the stellar reviews system it has.

Storage Shed Recommendations

If you need an inexpensive storage shed you will find the Arrow Hamlet HM an effective choice. This shed is is 8 x 6 feet and it costs only $310-$350. If you need something a little bit more compact, then the Keter Woodland is a great option for around $140-$160.

If you want a large stylish storage shed and you have a decent budget, the Lifetime 6446 is a 15×8 foot unit complete with shutters and skylights for around $2000. Leisure offers the Season Extra Large shed made from solid wood and double doors for only $720-$760.

If you want a barn style storage shed then you can get the kit and set up in just one day if you have the proper tools. You can even find basic vinyl storage shed kits that come with the walls and frames you need, minus the hassle of measuring and sawing raw materials.

If you’d rather visit a home improvement store to get a feel of what these sheds look like (among others), head to Home Depot, Menards or Lowes in the United States or B&Q, HomeBase or any independent garden center in the United Kingdom.

Building Your Own Storage Shed

building storage shed

If you have made the decision to build your own storage shed then you know that you have quite a bit of work ahead of you. You will, however, be excited to learn that building a storage shed today is as easy as it has ever been thanks to shed plans and home improvement stores. The growing number of do it yourselfers means that there are more detailed storage shed plans available for rookie builders to follow.

There are a few things to consider however before you start building, though:

Many jurisdictions, especially in the US, require a permit to erect additional structures on your property so be sure to check with your local building authority before you purchase anything. In the United Kingdom, you do not need planning permission to erect a shed or other outbuilding, although this may differ for listed buildings. In this instance, you may need to apply for listed building consent.

Then there is the cost of tools and materials you will need to build a proper storage shed: Do you have the tools you will need for a wooden, vinyl or metal storage shed? Do you know where you will build your shed on your property and have you measured that area to make sure the shed you want will fit? These are just a few of the considerations you need to have before you hammer your first nail.

There is a lot of planning involved in building your own storage shed, but the actual process of building it is quite simple.

Just go here and read my detailed and really easy to understand shed building guide and see how simple it is. Just gather your tools, follow instructions and pay attention to safety and your storage shed will be built without a lot of hassle.

Storage Shed Plans


When you are doing anything for the first time, such as changing a tire or baking a cake, you rely heavily on the instructions of experts. If not experts, at least someone that knows more about it than you do, right? Well the same is true when building a storage shed; you will need a really good set of shed plans that tells you what tools and materials you will need, as well as detailed step by step directions and diagrams to help when you get lost.

The bad news is that the internet is filled with tons of basic shed plans for free, which are worthless.
The good news is that you can do yourself a favor and get a our premium plans. Cheers!

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